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Let's Say Goodbye To Cancer!

In one way or another, Cancer has affected just about everyone reading this. We all have lost family members, friends, loved ones, coworkers and community leaders. But we believe we can do something to help find a cure. So, our dealerships decided to join efforts on this cause to Drive the Cure! Join us to fight cancer today. Every dollar collected will go directly to the Mary Washington Regional Cancer Center, so your donation will have an impact in your local community.

They are our inspiration and our reason to fight.

Brian Pohanka:

He was a historian and activist. His passion for American history brought him to a prominent role in the recent movement to preserve historic sites from development. He passed from Melanoma; at the age of 50.

Karen Radley:

She was not only an unstoppable force, and a trailblazer for woman in the automotive industry in Virginia, she was also a community leader. She lost her 15-year battle with Cancer at age 64.


Upcoming Events

See when and where you can join the fight for Cancer with us during the drive for the Cure event.


Your contribution will help save lives! All funds will help make a healthier community.

Every penny collected to Drive the Cure will be donated to Mary Washington Regional Cancer Center. Not only does this department serve by advancing research innovation and furthering healthcare professionals’ knowledge on Cancer, it also gives patients access to new treatment and therapies with its clinical trials.
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